06/03/201914:00-15:00C60aAI and Human Values, A Perspective from a Reluctant Researcher in the Field.Maria Angela Ferrario
20/02/201911:00-12:00C38An introduction to Deep learning.Alexander Wild
25/01/201914:00-15:00C60 b/cScalable and Adaptive Monitoring for Software-based Networks Daphne Tuncer
18/01/201911:00-12:00Charles Carter A17Managing Risks using Runtime ModelsPaul Grace
30/11/201814:00-15:00C60b/cMovie Pirates of the Caribbean: Exploring Illegal Streaming CyberlockersGareth Tyson
19/11/201814:00-15:00C60b/cCNSM 2018 ReportbackYehia El khatib
05/11/201813:00-14:00C60aTowards Emergent Microservices for Client-Tailored DesignRoberto Rodrigues
22/10/201813:00-14:00C60 b/cReasoning in model-free autonomous controlGingFung
12/10/201811:00-12:00D55Yet Another Text Captcha Solver: A Generative Adversarial Network Based ApproachGuixin Ye
09/10/201811:00-13:00C38Lake District TemperaturesMohammad Darvesh
08/10/201812:30-13:30DSI spaceMeasuring Human Values in Software EngineeringEmily Winter
24/09/201811:00-12:00C38A Model-Based Approach to Managing Feature Binding Time in Software Product Line EngineeringArmaya'Umar
06/06/20183:30-4:30DSI spaceAdaptive Deep Learning Model Selection on Embedded SystemsBen Taylor
23/05/20181:00-2:00Charles CarterModel-Drivel Domain-Specific Middleware for Smart CitiesFabio M. Costa
21/05/201811:00-12:00C60b/cSE in ES: Opportunities for Software Engineering and Cloud Computing in Environmental ScienceWill Simm
11:00 - 12:00C60aSemantics to tackle Heterogeneity of environmental dataVatsala Nundloll
09/04/201814:00 - 15:00C60aMeta-Learning through Learnt Self-AdditionAlexander Wild
P4 and the Barefoot Tofino
Ben Lewis
10:00 - 11:00
A Discussion on Uncertainty Measures in the Context of Machine Learning Techniques and Land Cover Mappings.
Jordan Phillipson
28/02/201816:00 - 17:00DSI space (B78)Emergent Software SystemsRoberto Rodrigues
14:00 - 15:00
Role of Semantic Web Technologies in Making Sense of Complex and Heterogeneous Environmental Data
Izhar Ullah

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