MetaLab is a group of scientists who explore the properties of hardware and software systems at a meta level. With modern computer systems growing in complexity far beyond the ability of humans to reason about them, this means building machine-based capabilities to model, reason about and control these systems. Our group works on this problem in many different dimensions and across many application domains, ultimately aiming to build a complete fundamental understanding of how we can express and reason about all forms of computational system at a higher level. Members of the group have expertise in research areas spanning cloud computing, datacenters, many-core systems, networking, IoTs, middleware, compilers, and runtime optimisation.

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Recent News

MetaLab researcher presents self-assembling software at USENIX OSDI 2016
Dr. Barry Porter, a lecturer in MetaLab, presented our recent research on emergent, self-assembling and self-learning software systems at the
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MetaLab 2016 Welcome Event
Metalab held  a successful event to welcome new members of the group. Researchers from the group gave presentation about their work.
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Metalab hosted seminar by Dr. Pavlos Petoumenos
The Metalab reading group hosted a seminar by Dr Pavlos Petoumenos from University of Edinburgh on 18th of October, 2016.
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MetaLab researchers present emergent software at SASO
22 Roberto Rodrigues Filho, a PhD student in MetaLab, presented our recent research on emergent software systems at the IEEE
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Prestigious fellowship brings environmental science into the digital age
A Lancaster University professor has been awarded a prestigious senior fellowship to bring about a step change in data-driven environmental
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MetaLab researchers attended the ACACES 2016 summer school
Metalab researchers, Vicent Sanz Marco, Ben Taylor, and Willy Wolf attended the ACACES 2016 summer school at Fiuggi, Italy. Vicent also presented
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