MetaLab is a group of scientists who explore the properties of hardware and software systems at a meta level. With modern computer systems growing in complexity far beyond the ability of humans to reason about them, this means building machine-based capabilities to model, reason about and control these systems. Our group works on this problem in many different dimensions and across many application domains, ultimately aiming to build a complete fundamental understanding of how we can express and reason about all forms of computational system at a higher level. Members of the group have expertise in research areas spanning cloud computing, datacenters, many-core systems, networking, IoTs, middleware, compilers, and runtime optimisation.

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Recent News

MetaLab researchers attended the ACACES 2016 summer school
Metalab researchers, Vicent Sanz Marco, Ben Taylor, and Willy Wolf attended the ACACES 2016 summer school at Fiuggi, Italy. Vicent also presented
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Shedding light on the era of Dark silicon
Researchers at Lancaster University are racing against time to find smart solutions to the rapidly advancing era of ‘dark silicon’.
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The Internet of Sheep: WiFi-connected flock to eat grass and transmit data
You may have heard of the Internet of Things — the idea that eventually all physical objects could communicate data
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